Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Extra protein

When we were doing traffic control I got thirsty and hungry. I was prepared with a bottle of water and a carrot cake energy health bar.

I only had time for a drink and one bite so I set my energy bar on the ground. It was on the paper, not touching the actual ground, and the only place I could have placed it that wasn't on the ground was the top of a concrete encased light pole (it was waist high) and it had bird doodie on it. You can't put food on bird doodie; it might kill you.

So I got another quick break while my husband directed traffic and took a second bite. Felt a little funny. Felt like I bit my tongue except I hadn't bitten my tongue. I look down and saw some little ants and a few giant red ants walking around where my energy bar was. AAAUUUGH! I ate some ants. I couldn't see them on my bar because they blended in plus I can't see close up for diddly anymore anyways. Long time ago I told my husband not to worry because when he got old I'd be his eyes on account of I'm 18 years younger than he but his sight is better than mine now. Pretty soon my nickels are gonna be looking like pennies like Avrilon said.

At first my tongue hurt a little funny and after an hour it hurt regular and after two hours it hurt without any funny at all. At three hours I was able to go home and put ice on it which helped a lot. By bedtime it didn't hurt at all.

So don't eat ants. And for that matter, don't eat weevils either. I speak from experience.

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