Tuesday, May 06, 2008


We have visiting to be done today. We're just going to do literature (he's reading Charlotte's Web), science (he's learning about the atmosphere), and his research paper (however brief, it is about the life of John Deere), then leave.

I didn't mean to but I washed my hair. My scalp was itchin'! I didn't keep the bottom very dry so finally just let it go and got it all wet. Sometimes washing only the top just doesn't work. Now I have to wait for it to dry. I used the hair dryer on the top a little. I might use it a little more. It's cloudy and drizzly today. It was kinda raining this morning even.

Wednesday I'm taking a private lesson (tribal fusion) to learn a new choreography. I really want to go back to NM with one new, complete choreography. It'll be different from what anyone else there is doing. I have some new music called Tribal Derivations and it has quite a few good songs. The song I'm using is called "Intertwine."

Son just did a measure for me. It's 41.5. That means I'm back to the length it was when I had it trimmed last at the end of March. Going for fingertip length. The ends are better quality than they were when I was at this length before. That one inch trim was a good one.

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