Thursday, May 01, 2008


After her work my sister came over and we walked a big, giant circle around the campground. We walked for an hour. And talked. She talked about how busy she is and how she wants a day to do nothing. A day to just stay in her jammies and not have to go anywhere or do anything. She does a lot of stuff. I could never get done all the things she gets done. My hair might all fall out or something.

So I told her, every year you say the exact same thing. I told her I will simply record her complaints now and play them back next year and spare her all the jabbering. She laughed. Me too. She's always so busy and her complaints are always the same.

She said her husband admires our lifestyle. She told me I should appreciate it and not become complacent. She's a little sister, and far less deep than I, but I give her credit sometimes. I do forget to give thanks sometimes. I mean specific thanks, not general thanks.

It was...windy this morning. But this is San Diego. It was a baby wind. A light zephyr. Wind in the forecast they said, my eye. They should see wind in New Mexico. Or Oklahoma!

The bird is a Killdeer. They have the most annoying call of any bird I've heard. Well, next to crows maybe. Two of them were across the creek from us today. I was not sorry when they flew off!

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