Thursday, May 15, 2008

Busy day

And I'm up at the crack of 10:15am. I have to git a movin'. Only three days till we leave and I have to do everything I can't do in NM before then. I left the worst for last. Things I don't want to do. Sounds like I have a lot to do. Guess it's not a lot really, but it feels like it. My sis and I are taking a wire jewelry making class at 3:00pm. I hope it's good. That part I want to do.

Found new rugs for the inside steps and bath area. They feel so soft on my toes. I still need some for the living room. Husband said in his gruff voice, "Pick whatever you want," and walked off. He knows I don't like picking house stuff and he knows I'm not good at it. So I picked the rugs and then new towels, forest green, hung them up and first thing he did was complain they were not as thick as the old ones. They seemed thick, but they're not as thick as the old ones. I can't tell that sort of thing. You need a homemaker wife for that. I'm not a homemaker wife, I'm just a wife. So with my hands on my hips I told him if he didn't like them he should have been there to help me pick them out. That was the end of that discussion. I had a flash of fast thinking there which is highly unusual for me. He shopped in the rest of the store the whole time and left me to be tortured by towel selection. I hate that with a passion.

I feel just so-so about the stuff. At least it's not frayed and looking all ancient.

Our son sold his bike yesterday for $100.00. We got him a new one for his birthday. He rides that thing every single day so we thought he should have a new one. He put his old one on Craig's List all by himself and fielded calls. He didn't know it but it was edu-ma-cation. He ended up selling it to someone in the campground. Got his full price too. I'm so proud of him. Then he got himself a job polishing boots for a campground guy for two bucks. I was proud of him again. Then he got himself a job for five bucks doing bike maintenance for a campground family. I am so proud. I reminded him that it was his perseverance that got him those jobs. His first idea was dog walking and he said he never had so many doors slammed in his face so fast. Haha! Poor fella. But it was good for him. Many people told him "no," and some not very nicely, and he returned home down in the mouth more than once. But my child persevered. I regaled him with the story of Michael Jordan who was cut from the team in high school but he persevered. I told him, don't listen to all the no's. You'll get a yes if you keep trying. You have to. It's all in the numbers. (I was thinking actually, it's all in the hands of God which is the same thing as saying numbers.)

I know a pastor had a brother who was number one in encyclopedia sales. He was number one in the whole company. He won a big vacation for he and his family because he was so good. Sounds great and you'd think it was easy for him and he had a special knack for it and it just naturally happened for him, but he also got more "no's" than anybody else and the most doors closed in his face. He got the most rejections of all the employees in the company. Ninety-eight percent of people he talked to rejected his encyclopedias. But he just plowed forward with his goal in mind. It's like the gospel. Putting the gospel out there, a lot of rejection comes back. Just keep doing the work and eventually something's gonna go through. Look at Jesus. That's rejection - getting crucified. It's the Holy Spirit changes hearts not us peeps. We gotta give the Holy Spirit the chance, the opportunity and the time to do his work. It's kind of like selling encyclopedias door to door when you're a salesman, or finding people to hire you for odd jobs when you're ten years old. It's all in the perseverance.

That's what I told our son.

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