Thursday, May 08, 2008


I awoke this morning at the crack of 10:00am and a hundred thoughts ran through my head. That's unusual! I like it. So I let them all run through and counted them like sheep jumping over a picket fence. I felt very productive lying there in my bed. Heh. Usually I wake up and I have to find my thoughts.

My teacher and I danced for an hour and a half last night from 7:15pm to 8:45pm. I went to her apartment which is only five minutes from here. She's a good lil' teacher. She's only 20 and a bit flaky at first I thought because when I started the class she missed the second meeting to attend a performance. I almost changed teachers. Did she want to teach or did she want to perform? I asked myself.

We went through the song over and over. Repetition is the key and I don't feel embarrassed to go over and over and over it with her. She's a doll.

Great article about blogging at CNN - Your blog can be group therapy. I agree on all points except that to keep a blog interesting, you should avoid the mundane. I enjoy reading the mundane. I suppose it does depend upon the writer and whether I'm interested in her life (I just realized from reading the article that I don't read any blogs by men). I don't mind at all reading about what people are eating (pictures are always good too!) or thinking or what their weather is doing. Of course, I like to know what everyone is wearing. But before I click in I don't know what they're doing or thinking, and I want to know. It's a daily surprise. It doesn't have to be earth shaking, mind bending life to keep me coming back for another read. It breaks up my day.

Some of the most memorable life lessons I've collected are from women who read me and wrote to me. A lot of life is mundane. How much would you say? Ninety percent maybe? How you live it is what makes all the difference. I would not be who I am, what I am, or where I am, without the women I've read and exchanged thoughts with online. Some of it is exceedingly personal but a lot of it isn't.

Before we traveled, before we went to Alaska or had even thought of going to Nova Scotia, I read travel blogs. Before we downsized to live a smaller life, I read Simple Living blogs. Before I became a homeschooler, I read homeschooling blogs. Before I became a less worldly Christian, I read Christian blogs. Each and every and all of those blogs were about walking the walk and living the life day to day. Mundane? Sure. For the writer, just another day. But for me, the reader? They rocked my world. They changed my life. The changed me. They changed my family because they changed me.

THAT'S not mundane and that's not dull!

...My husband just brought home some California rolls to eat! I'm still in my jammies and it's a little past noontime. The weather today is partly sunny, partly cloudy, full of promise, and I'm off on my daily blog reading circuit. It might change my life or it might not. I won't know till I do some reading.

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