Monday, July 11, 2005

Red berries by the trail

Red berries by the trail Posted by Picasa

These are right next to a nature trail. These are berries that bears fancy and like to eat. I was uncomfortable, but there we other hikers, bikers, and even a camp interpreter (you know, the people who give the campfire talks in the evening) went by us on her day off.

So we finish our walk, eat a picnic lunch and get the the car and someone says, you may not want to take the trail right now because a bear has been sighted on the trail. Duh. We had just finished our hike. I'm sure glad we missed the bear.

Not long thereafter I asked my husband to please take me out of bear country. All the way out. I find bears worrisome. They're unpredictable. My husband makes fun of me, but he took me out of bear country the next day. I need a rest from bears and I need some sunshine. I've realized I cannot live in Alaska, and maybe not even in Canada. I gotta have sun!

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