Monday, July 11, 2005

Education on the road - a train ride

Education on the road - a train ride Posted by Picasa

Days like this one are sweet; top of the line!

Our son has always loved trains. He's crazy about trains. In Skagway our campground was right by the harbor, the train tracks, and there are even flight-seeing tours going on overhead from time to time. It was the hub of activity. Our son loved it. So, he would run outside; clad in overalls, on his bike pulling his trailer behind, and wave like crazy to all the passengers and all the passengers would wave back. I'm thinking they think he's part of the tourist package! After a couple days one of the engineers that our son struck up a conversation with invited him to ride the train the next morning as his guest - in the engine room.

My husband didn't know he wasn't supposed to pay for tickets and the engineer told him he shouldn't have. We could have ridden for free! My husband said the experience was worth the money ten times over. My son asked questions and got to see firsthand how the train works. He got to honk the horn. Ooooh weeee! Times like this I thank the Lord of home education.

Photo taken June 25, 2005.

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