Sunday, July 17, 2005

Devil's Tower, Wyoming

Devil's Tower Posted by Picasa

This is it. Devils Tower. After 106 degrees yesterday today the temp was a nice 75 degrees and for that we are grateful! We tried to hike the 1.3 miles around the base of Devils Tower yesterday but I couldn't go far. My face was red as a tomato and I'm just not as tough as I used to be. I've lived in El Centro and 29 Palms, California so the heat didn't used to get to me, but now it does.

This is a photo of an extrusion of igneous rock. As my son told me, igneous rock used to be magma and when it comes out of a volcano it's called lava and when it dries and hardens it becomes igneous rock. I taught him but I keep forgetting.

It's a sacred place to the American Indians and it's easy to understand why. You can look at it and look at it and not get tired of it. We walked the trail twice. It's kind of like Joshua Tree National Monument I think. You just don't tire of it.

We're at the KOA which is right next to the entrance to the park. Every night they show Close Encounters of the Third Kind outside. It was stupid but in a fun way. All I remembered was the mashed potatoes scene. I didn't realize how much of the movie I had forgotten. It felt very American to be sitting there watching that movie with all the other camperoos.

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