Monday, July 11, 2005

A dirty, muddy truck

Our truck on the Alaskan Highway. Posted by Picasa

There are lots of Fords up north. Fords are the number one selling truck and that's why we chose one for our trip. Ford is just the best, oh yeah oh yeah. Haha!

Being from California where, [cough,cough], you are what you drive, we normally keep our truck very clean, very shiny. I can detail any vehicle as well as a man and better than many. My dad taught me how because he's Corvette guy. As as for my husband, he puts a wax job on a wax job. So this is a pic our truck on the Alcan Highway, baby! It's clean underneath all the mud and silt and, ugh, bugs.

Our son always gets out and helps. I think it's a unique habit of his. I can't take any credit for it - it's his nature. Usually at fuel stops we see the children sitting in the vehicle while mom or dad do all the filling up and window washing.

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