Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I tagged myself...

  • What are you thankful for in your life this week as compared to last week? I love Canada but it's good to be home; back in U.S., back in the U.S., back in the U.S. of A.!
  • This year, as compared to last year? I am living my philosophical destiny; not talking it, not wishing it, not dreaming it. Doing it.
  • This past decade, or 20 years, or more? To be alive with a body that works.
  • What about your family are you thankful for? Of course, that I have them at all.
  • What about your spouse are you thankful for? That he never belittles me.
  • If you have ever lived or worked among people poorer than you, what did you discover about your own life? That I should work and improve myself in order to attain my goals.
  • What basic necessities do you have that you take for granted? What qualifies as necessities? I take little for granted.
  • What luxuries do you have that you take for granted? Money and love. Money and love can come and go. You never know. If you think you know then you're taking something for granted.
  • What things are you tempted to complain about which (if you look closely) also reflect great blessings? Signs of my physical aging.
  • What are you thankful for in your house? Currently my house is a 24' travel trailer. I'm thankful that our family resides in it in harmony.
  • In your neighborhood? We have a new neighborhood in every campground. We like that.
  • In the surrounding area (city, town, county) near where you live? We're traveling this year, but I will answer that I'm grateful for all the different places we go and the variety of people we meet.
  • What can you look forward to, God willing, in the next week? Another phenomenal sunset.
  • In the next decade, or 20 years, or more? What is it! I won't know till I get there.
  • What else are you thankful for? You know the folded potato chips in a bag of Lay's potato chips. Those.

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