Tuesday, February 09, 2010


I've been noodling around the internet.  My mom says "noodling" so that's where I got it.  I like to eat noodles too.  I like all shapes and sizes of noodles, especially in chicken soup.

I'm getting a good idea of how to create a podcast from a CD.  I gather making a podcast from an MP3 would be better, but I don't have an MP3 player.

My husband wanted the soundtrack from The Big Lebowski so I bought it for him, but it was missing the song he wanted called "Viva Las Vegas" by Shawn Colvin.  Why do they sell film soundtracks missing the exact song everyone wants?  This is where I noodled.  I looked high and low for a converter and finally it paid off.  I found a free online converter so I didn't have to spend a cent and the quality is great.  It's the cat's meow.  What I did was I found the song on YouTube but that's video and I want only audio.  I downloaded it in WMV format and converted it to AAC for the iPod which I will burn to CD so he can listen to it in the truck. I wondered if it was legal and I've read that as long as it's strictly for personal use it's okay based on the Betamax case.  I like the Cohen brothers style such as in O Brother, Where Art Thou, but I don't care for the Lebowski movie.  I like the part John Goodman plays so the only section I watch is where he throws the ashes of his friend into the air and it all blows back in their faces.  That's pretty hilarious.  And John goes off on a tangent talking about the Vietnam war because he's a vet, but the guy who died was never in the military.

Aunt Helen passed on.  Eighty-five years.  She was such a neat person.  Traveled around the world till she was 80.  She was in Egypt the day before the kidnapping and murder of some tourists.  She wore magnets in her shoes.  She's not having a memorial or anything and she donated her body for medical research. I think it's very cool that she's not having a funeral.  Funerals are for the living.  I should think it would be very unpleasant going to a funeral.  I've been to one or two and I don't like them.  At my Grama's I cried like a blithering idiot and I don't need to do that in public.  I wouldn't particularly want to go to a homegoing service either although I do like the Irish wake concept.  When I go I instructed my husband and son to drop my cremated remains from a plane over the plateau of nearby Kettle Top Butte.  Just dump me out of a Maxwell House coffee can.  Don't even buy a fancy urn or I'll be mad!  Mmm hmmm, oh yeah.  I'm serious.  Course, Ted Turner owns that land.  I hope he doesn't mine old Liliana ashes and bones on his fancy dan property. 

I've been having really good thinking thoughts lately.  My mind is a swirl.

Bella is doing better at her new home.  She has room to walk about and we like that.  She's still a wee bit anxious and not 100% her old self.  I'd say she's 85% her old self.  I was a little nervous to brush her so our son did most of it.  She was a little mouthy, I think, because she's a baby.  My husband flicked her because she put her tongue out toward him.  You can't let the baby do that because she won't always be a baby.  We saw a flock of sandhill cranes across the street in the chile field and more in the sky.  The area is famous for its hot chile crops.

February is going by so fast.


Jules said...

You've only been to one or two funerals??? I'm trying to proces that. Perhaps you've been blessed not to lose many that you love but only one or two?

I must admit that non-Christian funerals can be pretty awful but most Christian funerals I've attended have been hopeful occasions - even joyful. One of the most beautiful funerals I attended is one that you would've thought would be the hardest. It was for a tiny baby and the parents read and sung to her before they closed the casket. I think it brought tears to everyone's eyes but it was beautiful.

Well if everything on Ted Turners' property suddenly starts growing like a weed, we'll know why!

SchnauzerMom said...

I've been to a lot of funerals. Some were depressing but most were very encouraging. I'm glad that Bella is adjusting to her new home.

Liliana said...

I thought back, and I've been to three funerals; my husband's dad, my grandmother's, and my aunt's. All were Catholic funerals.