Friday, February 19, 2010

Materialistic me

I had an overwhelmingly happy day all day. Well, at first I was tired and that was not the happy part. I have to stay up till midnight to download extra large files and my stupid Canon camera software stopped working when we got Windows 7. I thought it would be a little glitch I'd fix later (when is "later?") and finally since I have this new Panasonic camera coming I thought I better fix the Canon software so there is some order on my desktop and my life. I emailed Canon and they recommended three updates amounting to 240 megabytes. We only have a 350 megabyte allowance per day. If we go over it our esteemed internet service provider penalizes us by giving us no access for 24 hours. So I stayed up till midnight to do the downloading because from midnight to 4:00am we have unlimited downloading.

Now my software works again so I am happy, but I was tired in the morning.

After my 'waking too early' tummy ache went away we went to Cruces. I bought yarn at Hobby Lobby. Oh boy. Always like spending my cash at Hobby Lobby what with it being a Christian owned business. They didn't have the size or style knitting needles I needed so I ordered them tonight. I like the Addi Turbo circular needles and I bought a set of US 19, 40 inches. I am full of anticipation to start my next baby blanket afghan. It will be pastel and I'm weaving three yarns, holding them together at once, so it should be quite plush.

Went to Old Navy and got three summer tops and two pants; one for comfy around the house and one khaki brownish jeans pair.

Son got a new laptop with the Intel iCore7. Pretty nice. And he's been shining it up all night. I think, I hope, he will care for it well.

We got fuel, big whoop; lunch at Habaneros; and stuff at Wal-Mart like one gallon fluoridated water and Thomas' English Muffins that our Wal-Mart has had out of stock.

We fed and watered the horses and piggies on our way home. I have a funny peculiar kink in my neck today from hauling three bales of hay to the feeder yesterday and clipping the baling wire off of them. I'm such a weakling and it's good physical exercise for me. I'm all looking around because I'm afraid a horse will bite my head or me. I believe I way over react with that anxiety, but I can't help it. I hope time will make me more at ease. When I put the hay in the feeder all five horses want it and I just get idget widget. My husband says they won't bite. He's always had this saying about me; that I'm nervous as a you-know-what in church. If you don't know the word that fills it in, you're not missing much! I'm naturally a Nervous Nellie.

I am filled with the joy of the Lord. My prayer time has been edifying. I love my husband so much. I made cream puffs for him from scratch and he liked them a lot. I even put a cherry on top and made real whipped cream with (what else) cream and sugar and vanilla. Bella was laying down today and let us be right next to her while she lazed in the sun. I love the smell of horse. (How many times will I say that?)

Now I have to go to bed. Our son came down with a sore throat at bedtime. Took some Tylenol and he's making funny sleeping noises. I hope he doesn't wake up sick tomorrow morn. We didn't do school today and I don't want to skip two days of school. He might be under the weather though.


Jen said...

What a great thing to be filled with the joy of the Lord :). It sounds like you have been having some wonderful days. I hope your son is feeling better. My dd woke up coughing, and is on the couch today not feeling well :(. I hate that.

SchnauzerMom said...

Sounds like you had a very busy day. I love spending money at Hobby Lobby too.

yrautca said...

You live the charmed life my friend. I was in San Diego earlier this week. I want to move to the Southwest. I hope I can soon.