Monday, February 01, 2010


Whoops.  I don't take my pills out every day.  My husband does.  Apparently I'm not taking Centrum.  I had to double check because if they came in chocolate, I'm getting chocolate.  But I'm taking Caltrate Calcium & Vitamin D.  Who knew!  I get my names of things mixed up sometimes.  The flavors are cherry, orange, and fruit punch.  They're still not pulling the wool over my eyes though.  Cherry can't be purple.  Orange can't be purple.  Fruit punch is supposed to be red.  Grape is purple.  They're sneaking grape flavored tablets and calling them fruit punch.  I should send them some mail.

Pastor was preaching up a storm today.  He said he's preachin' himself happy!  He preaches us all happy.  I recorded church today and finally got it on my iPod tonight so I can listen to it again when I go to bed.  The .wav format has to be changed to .aac for iPod to play it.  I was using free software to cut out parts I don't want and it wanted me to upgrade to a paid version to change it to .aac.  I thought I remembered doing it with iTunes and sure enough.  I googled it and you don't need to buy software to convert an audio from MP3 to iTunes.  Why I oughta.  Buyer beware!  I haven't done it for so long I have to re-remember how to do everything.

Son went sledding with friends and about half a dozen people at church asked where he was.

Seemingly good news on the insurance.  The woman who hit us, her father found out his wife's car is damaged (their daughter was driving it when she hit us) and that our truck is damaged.  He wants to cover it with cash and not involve insurance.  That would work fine for us.  Apparently the daughter was afraid to tell her folks.  She's a full grown woman and I don't pretend to know what dynamics are going on in their family, but is a shame she didn't deal with it in a timely manner on the 15th  8th of January, immediately after it happened. Oh what a tangled web we weave.  I am not feeling much sympathy anymore.  She should have been honest with her folks and taken her lumps from the git-go.

I'm buying cowgirl boots.  They look like this.  I hope they will fit.

The toe is called a snip toe.  It's not exactly pointy and it's not round either.  I wanted a more square toe initially, but I like this pair.  If they don't fit I'll be sore disappointed.  I wanna be a cowgirl!

Leah said I can show one of her horses at the fair this year.  I told her I'll think about it.  I don't like getting nervous and I know I'll get nervous.  She was surprised that I didn't say yes.  I should say yes.  No guts, no glory, my husband says.  I'd be showing a small horse so I wouldn't win, but it would be a neat experience.  And, I do wanna be a cowgirl.  (I already said that.)

Bella walked toward us and whinnied when we got to the pasture this afternoon.  A whinny greeting.  It's very amazing to be greeted with a whinny.  Merriam Webster's says a whinny is : to neigh especially in a low or gentle way.  Wow.  That does describe what she did.  I tried to mimick the sound at dinner tonight but I sounded like I was choking.  When I get my cowgirl boots (and don't the clothes make the cowgirl?) I suppose I should try not to look around in wonderment and awe when our horse whinnies.  Hey, hey, didja hear that?  Didja hear that?  She whinnied!


busyHSmom said...

If the boots don't fit, send them my way!!! I <3 them!

SchnauzerMom said...

I love the boots. I used to be able to wear those but my feet won't cooperate anymore.

yrautca said...

Nice boots. Now you need a cowgirl hat and you are all set. Post a pic too.

April said...

I love cowboy boots and those are sure purty. I think I have five pair now that I gave a bunch of old ones away in clearing out my clutter. Mike and I got cowboy hats too when we got married in Montana. I always wanted to be a cowgirl too, Lil! But, I'm gunna be a farmgirl instead. Though... Mike still wants to maybe get a couple of horses one of these days too. We'll see! :)

I hope the boots fit!

Mrs. Benfield said...

Cute boots! Planning on getting (maybe making) a shirt with some fringe? Now that would be very cowgirl-ish! :D

Liliana said...

Mrs. B, today in fact, I bought a plaid button up today at Old Navy and a skirt that'll go with my boots ifns the boots fit!

Hi April! I still have the bangs issue with the cowgirl hat. It's a real problem. I even posted about it at a horse forum. lol. No light was shed other than wear a baseball cap. Well, that'll still ruin my fringe!

Yr - I saw you with your guitar and a plaid shirt. Who knew you wore plaid? I didn't! I like "Sweet Home Alabama" song very much.

SchnauzerMom - One customer comment I read about the boots was that they felt comfy as tennis shoes. Oh I only hope so. I had one pair of cowgirl boots about 30 years ago. I hated them. I felt like I had 20 pound weights on my legs. But you know what. Cowgirl boots have a flat sole so they don't get manure stuck on them because there's no waffling like on my Doc Martens or tennis shoes. I guess those western stores know what they're doing.

BusyMum - You got a trade? ;)