Monday, February 22, 2010

The new babies

This is the white faced baby and her mom.  The mom has blue eyes and the baby is going to have blue eyes too.  They're striking.  I love their white faces.  At first when I saw a photo of a white faced horse I thought it looked weird!  Seeing it in person I liked it though.


They're so leggy when they're born. The placenta is on the ground still.  The chickens are good to have around horses because it gets the horses used to having little creatures squawking and walking around their legs.  This way they don't kick so easily or get scared of something around their legs.  Horses cannot look down and see their own front feet you know.


It's hard to imagine less than 12 hours ago the baby's body was inside the mother. They were born in the morning and we saw them at about 1:00pm.  Boy would I like to brush that mane out!  It even looks like the mother horse has eyeliner around her eyes.  Nice markings.


This is the other baby.  Both babies were sleeping exactly like this, laid out on the ground, when we arrived.  Cecilio had to wake them up.  They were tired from getting born!  He has been watching them to ensure they drink and walk.  Their bodies are downy soft.  The mother of baby below was very friendly and didn't mind our son getting in and petting the baby. These horses are well loved.  They don't have Kentucky green pastures, but they are sweet tempered and that comes from being around good people.  They're dirty but I read that a dirty horse is a happy horse!  When they are in a show they get a full bath and get all prettied up.


What do baby horses dream of?


yrautca said...

Great pictures. I love the horses. I want to go see one soon.

April said...

Aw, aw, AW! Beautiful pictures. And that baby sure looks big to have been inside that mama! Holy cow. I love those blue eyes. You are so lucky to spend time around such beautiful creatures, Lil; I am envious! :)

SchnauzerMom said...

Beautiful horses! I'm envious too.

Jen said...

Ok, April stole my "aww, aww, aww's" :). Could those babies be any more sweet?