Saturday, December 19, 2009

Severe hackage

Shoot, I got hacked again.  Got myself fixed the first time and three days later, bam!, woke up this morning to the same syntax error.  Oooooh, an evil person got me.  I think there's some malicious code hidden in my WordPress.  I upgraded to the newest version which fixed it for about 20 minutes this afternoon and I got the error again. Seems to get worser and worser! Yipes.

I'm not yet wise enough to find the evil string, but I'm gonna delete the whole blog, reinstall a clean copy, change my password for WordPress and, this time, on my FTP program too.  Methinks that might help.  In the meantime I'm returning to the trustworthy Blogger blogworld.  I'm  fascinated that I got pegged so quickly. My theory is that I've done something dumb, in a noob way, and once I figure out what it is I'll be all better.

So I'm here till things settle down at the new place.  Mwah!

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