Sunday, December 27, 2009


I think we might name her Bella. Bella is Italian for beautiful and she is as beautiful as a little girl horse could be.

Our son greets the pastor on Sunday mornings and Pastor will every so often say very casually, "So do you have a horse yet?"

This morning during greeting time he went up to our pastor and told him we got a baby horse for Christmas. Pastor Mike said when he can ride her they will go riding together. I thought that was awful nice.

Today we did a lot of clean-up in the pasture and my husband helped. He did the things that you need a man to do like remove a piece of lumber that stuck out into the middle of the shelter. Now the horses have a nice, clear, open shelter to get into. We'll be raking and scooping up pooh for days. Should I say manure? Maybe cowgirls say manure! I'll google it and find out. I have to admit I do not mind the smell of manure. When we lived in California I'd have never stepped anywhere near a pile of manure and now I'm right in there scooping and wheel barrowing like nobody's business.

Here comes Monday. Tomorrow's a school day and son has a new project to begin - writing his first history paper. I'm curious to see what topic he chooses.

After school at 3:00pm I'm going to see the horses.


SchnauzerMom said...

Bella is a pretty name.

Shelby B. said...

Bella is a great name! We have alot of dogs come into the shop named Bella (Sophie, Zoe, and Lucy are really popular too).

I'm not too familiar with the technicalities of horses, how old do they have to be before they can be ridden? I think it was sweet of your Pastor to offer riding together with your boy.

Your life certainly has changed..isn't it nice to feel more in-tuned with nature?

Face to the Sunshine said...

What a great blessing! A horse!

And, I think the purple and green leaves/flowers/ribbons/swirly edging to your blog is bella, too! Beautiful!

April said...

Bella is a great name; I love it. I think it's great that the horse poo isn't scaring you away! Soon you will be wearing chaps and cowboy(girl) hat all the time and lookin' like a real cowgirl. I'm so happy for you Lil!