Saturday, December 26, 2009

The most amazing day

I wished for a horse, but I didn't imagine we would ever have one. Horses are expensive. How can we have a horse?

But we have one! We have one. It was a Christmas gift from Leah the ranger who owns 16 horses. I can't believe she gave us one and it's Nike's baby. Nike is the horse our son showed at the fair last October. Nike has won champion in fairs across the state. She's a beauty.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime amazing gift. We were standing on the property where the two babies are. Leah had given us a box, but we were going to open it on Christmas. We got out of the truck and Leah said, "So did you open your present?" And she was excited. We said, "Noooo." She said, "Open it. Open it now!" Our son opened it and inside was a halter and lead. Purple. My favorite color. But I still stood with feet frozen, dazed, half suspecting, but dazed, because I couldn't connect the dots. She gave us a halter, but we don't have a horse. She had us open it not at home, but where the horses are. I just stood there mute. Utterly dumbfounded. You really have to explain things full out to old Lil. Next she said, "I'm giving you Nike's baby."

I was floored. I started to cry right off! I couldn't help it. It was so unexpected. I looked over and pointed, and said, "You're giving us Nike's baby?" I was incredulous. I think I might have been more excited than our son was. The baby is for both of us and for our whole family. She gave us the black and white Paint in the photo. The brown colt is one year old and our new baby girl horse is nine months old. One day she will look like her mama. . .

Bella will look like this, her mama, some day.
And I have been floating in heaven ever since. I can't believe we have our own horse that I can groom any time I want. Well, technically, I can't groom her yet. She's like a baby in diapers and she doesn't know anything. We first have to let her get used to us and it's only been two days, but it's going well. She's taken to our son and vice-versa. Today the colts literally ran to him when he entered the property. Do horse children recognize people children? I wonder.

How can we afford a horse? I don't know, but Leah checked it all out with my husband first and he gave his approval. He's very wise with our money. I can tell he's happy too. We are truly blessed to know the people that we know here. They are kind and helpful and I'd say extremely generous.

My husband did say one thing I didn't like and that is, "You know Liliana, this means we're going to have to get a house here." I said, "Whaaat!" Because since when does having a horse equal needing a house? That does not compute. I ask you, did the Native Americans need a house because they had horses. No! They lived in teepees. I could live in a teepee too if it had a microwave oven, hot water, electricity, and DSL. I digress.

Our son will get to go to a 4-H camp for a week in the summertime. He will learn so much about horses - I told him he'll have to teach me what he learns.

I'm so happy. All my heart is happiness. And I didn't even pray for a horse. I never asked the Lord for one because I thought it an impossibility. Silly me. I wanted a baby from my husband too, and I never asked God because I thought it was an impossibility too, and whattya know - his vasectomy from 17 years earlier reversed itself all by itself. Hehe!

Our son is a lean mean working machine. Together we did a lot of clean-up today and I'm sore from cleaning the shelter area, but I will sleep well and joyfully. Maybe I'll even snore!

Blessed be the name of the Lord.


Jules said...

How wonderful for you. I can feel your excitement coming through my computer screen. What an incredible gift and what a wonderful husband (mine would want to know who was going to care for it). Enjoy your gift. Blessings, Jules

SchnauzerMom said...

Congratulations! That's a wonderful gift!

Shelby said...
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Shelby B. said...

Oh Lil how exciting!! Maybe God is trying to get you to settle in one location? Of course there are these great things called horse trailers...LOL.

Enjoy your new baby!

(BTW: that deleted comment was me..I wanted to make sure you knew it was me and not your other Shelby ;) )

Liliana said...

Jules, yeah, the horse care is a biggie! My husband has seen me immersed in the horse grooming (me begging friends to let me groom their horses) and sees me at my computer looking at horse info and with books from the library about horses. I guess he thought I seriously was interested. lol!

Thanks SchnauzerMom. It was quite, QUITE a surprise.

And Shelby B., hi! Yes, it has occurred to me I had better keep my spiritual ears keen.

People are asking us, "So, do you keep it at your camp site tied to your trailer. Haha!

yrautca said...

Congrats! You got your own horse!!! Nice pics too. Now you can portray your horse all day and all night long.

I do see why husband thinks horse = house though.

Liliana said...

No, no, no house! This place is sucking us in! It's like a vortex! We bought a post office box today. Aaaugh!

busyHSmom said...

Wow! That's all I can say...WOW!

April said...

Hey, I found you again Lil... how did I lose you? Brain fried from too much going on, that's how! :O

Did I miss it or does the colt have a name yet? She is beautiful and what a totally AWESOME gift! Her mama is... is... STUNNING. Paints are my faves! Mike is still talking about us getting a couple of horses when we move full time. You will be a good source for me to learn about them - being a beginner yerself! :) I used to ride a lot as a kid, but I've never cared for a horse.

I can see why it would be hard to "connect the dots" as it would be hard for me to presume anyone was giving me a horse! It's just too much to even entertain isn't it? Yet, it happened. I think this gift will be very special for you and your family.

And hey... what is so bad about a cute little house with a barn out back? Lol...

April said...

Nevermind about the name question... I hadn't read enough! DOH!