Friday, May 19, 2006

Sewing notions and platforms

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We got to stop at our storage area. I dropped off some of my middle eastern dance wear since looks like I won't be using it, and picked up some stuff I can't live without. Got to get my sewing machine (Hooray! Hooray!) and since I couldn't bring my whole sewing box I picked out what I'd need most. Plus the shoes. Had to have the shoes. Could only pick one pair so I picked these. Sigh. I love these shoes. Not that I wear them out much. Heh. Not that I wear them out at all!

Oh yeah. Needed some tax papers too. But those aren't any fun.

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kim in mi said...

so you have a central-ish storage unit that you visit and exchange stuff? That's cool. Are you ever wandering towards Michigan? The Great Lakes are beautiful in the summer!! :-D