Monday, May 22, 2006

Horrifying hair

Mercy me. I had an incident today.

It's hot, in the 90s, and we're sightseeing. Yesterday I saw a little girl about ten years old with her hair coiled high on her head and she was wearing a sun visor. What a great idea! So today that's how I wore my hair. And I wore a visor. Okay, that part's fine.

But, I also had the bright idea of pushing my bangs up over the top of the visor. I was thinking this would keep my bangs straight and keep my cowlick from going wacky.

Horror of horrors. I took off my visor while my husband is fueling us up, and pull down the vanity mirror, and what do I see? My bangs which are mostly gray are kinked up, big time. I mean, they are totally poodle-lady, majorly, completely kinked, sticking out all balled up. I don't even look like myself. This has never happened! I was aghast at my reflection. Quick before my husband or son might see, I poured water from my water bottle into my hand and put it on my bangs. Most of it ran down my forehead, down my face, and down the front of my dress. That's nice. But I didn't want to draw attention to myself like have our son say, "Ma, why are you slapping your head?" so I did it again, only slower, and more calmly. This time I got more on my face, water's dripping off my chin and onto my dress. But I can't let anyone see this poodle sized ball of gray hair sticking off the top of my head so I got more water and slicked down my bangs with lightning speed. There's a super hot breeze so it dried by the time the men got into the truck and I look very normal except my dress was wet.

Might sound kind of stupid but this, this is the stuff nightmares are made of. I would rather have my bangs pasted against my forehead with sweat than ever see them kinked up like that again. It was HORRIBLE. It was like getting a birds eye view into the reality of what my life could be. Mercy!

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