Saturday, May 27, 2006

Powdered neem with shikakai

Today I tried out my powdered neem. It worked pretty well! I added the neem to the shikakai for conditioning. When I used shikakai alone, my hair was squeaky clean. This time, with neem in the blend, it didn't get squeaky clean, but it's clean. Leia suggested adding yogurt to the mixture before applying it to my ends (the herbs can be drying Leia said, and after the shikakai wash my ends were dry I thought) and the yogurt made quite a difference. It made the mixture smoother so it was altogether nicer to apply. I used three tablespoons each of shikakai and neem, and about 3/4 cup of Mountain High yogurt. My yogurt had mold growing in it so I had to pick all the green stuff out and just use the good yogurt. I suppose I should look up the effect of penicillin on hair.

I sewed a pair of snoopy pajamas for our son. They turned out cute! I even sewed on one of those tags "Made with love by Mom" on the inside of the neckline.

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