Thursday, May 25, 2006

Ho hum

Having trouble thinking of what to write. Writer's block maybe. I didn't do much today. I wrote Mermayd. Michele wrote me. We finished spelling for third grade today. I had barbequed spare ribs and steamed rice and green beans for dinner. Took a nap because my tummy was full. Got up and we drove to Inspiration Point and Sunset View and I snapped a few pics. Saw quite a few deer since it was evening. My hair stinks so I took a shower and washed the top and sides while the back was in a bun and put it in a braid for bed. I like my avocado oil a lot and my skin is happier since I moisturized thoroughly. I'm going through all my photos of Bryce Canyon and am deciding which ones to upload tomorrow. It's been a ho-hum kind of day. I'm wearing my moosie pajamas. Tomorrow is a driving day.

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