Monday, August 01, 2005

Windy Wyoming

The wind comes up here in Casper every afternoon. It's very big and very blustery. In 29 Palms where I lived from age 12 to 15, we used to get high winds sometimes. I love the wind.

We're going to Grand Teton National Park tomorrow morn. It'll be a long driving day. I think it's about 300 miles from here so that's a six hour drive for normal people - a nine hour drive for us.

Crazy. Two days ago I just wrote about the scraggly hemline (of my hair) and how it needed trimming and yesterday, whattya think. I wake up, take my hair down (it was in a bun all night) and my ends looked like they belonged to a movie star,. They looked great. It could be the lighting in my trailer I thought, so I fetched the hand mirror, pulled my hair all frontwards, and checked them again in the bright white sunlight. Absolutely gorgeous. So still in disbelief, I whip the mirror around and used the magnifier side. Still, absolutely gorgeous. My hair was slightly damp when I put it up because I was running late for church, and that had to have affected the outcome. If that's not it then I don't know what to make of it!

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