Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A sensitive amphibian

A sensitive amphibian Posted by Picasa

Our son is holding a Barred Tiger Salamander. This is following a ranger talk. See how he's wearing plastic gloves? This is because amphibians have highly permeable skin. They are extremely sensitive to soaps, lotions, bug spray, sunscreen; stuff that doesn't bother us, but can be deadly to them. That's why in polluted areas your amphibians are the first creature to show the effects of toxins in the environment. They start growing extra legs and eyes, then die.

This one is named Sally Mander. Cute! As we all know it's illegal to take animals, rocks, plants, etcetera from a national park so Sally's not really from the park. Salamanders do live in the dunes but Sally...she was bought at the bait shop. It was her luckiest day ever when Ranger Patrick picked her to help him with his interpretive talks out of all the salamanders at the BAIT shop! Yes, indeedy.

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