Thursday, August 11, 2005

Short tailed weasel

It's a baby short tailed weasel Posted by Picasa

My prized photo. These creatures are very little. They're fairly common yet seldom seen, and this is a young one. They turn all white in winter! but right now he's brown on top and a rich, deep yellow color on his belly. We thought he was a ferret, then we thought he was a marmot, then we figured out he was a short tailed weasel. We city folks are learning a lot about wildlife out here!

In 1805, Sacajawea gave Captain William Clark two dozen pure white ermine tails for Christmas. She must have been very fond of him and he must have been very kind to her for her to give him such a gift. I wish there was more information about their relationship in the journals.

After the expedition, if an Indian had to travel to Washington D.C. to meet with the white man, he would most always ask for William Clark to accompany him. This was because Clark had a genuine respect for the native Indians and he worked on their behalf whenever he could. He had red hair, blue eyes, and was outgoing whereas Meriwether Lewis was much more introspective.

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