Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Great Sand Dunes N.P. in Colorado

Great Sand Dunes National Park Posted by Picasa

This and the next nine photos are all taken during our stay at Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado.

We drove a mere 80 miles from Pueblo to Alamosa, Colorado. We originally intended to go to Mesa Verde National Park and noticed Great Sands is on the way. This campground must be one of the best kept secrets of the national park system. It's only twelve bucks a night and with my husband's senior discount it's $6.00. Such a deal. There are no hook-ups but that's okay. We'll fill our tank with 40 gallons of fresh water and we'll be good to go for two or three days.

These dunes are the highest in North America. The sand is beautiful. It was only about 78 degrees today but the sand was hot, hot, hot! I know because I was wearing flip flops. They warn you that the sand gets up to 140 degrees in the sun. Tomorrow I intend to exercise a measure of intelligence and wear hiking boots.

About 400 years ago the Spanish came and gave lovely names to many of the natural features here. The mountains behind the dunefield are the Sangre de Cristo mountain range which means blood of Christ.

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