Monday, May 20, 2013

We got one mouse!  Aw, he's so small.  I'm real sorry to kill him.  I was sitting here and I heard a pop!  I went to our son's room and told him I needed him.  So he got up, after some drama because he makes a small thing a big thing, and he got his little flashlight.  I said, what should we do with the little body?  He said, "Get a taxidermist?"  Yeah, always the comedian.  Anyway, we tiptoed to the cupboard, I don't know why we tiptoed, and he opened the cupboard very slowly.  And there he was.  Poor thing.

My son went outside and got the trash picker-upper.  He had to add more drama to my life which I could do without by climbing over the wood fence around the porch, what little fence there is I mean, and I could hear the wood creak.  If he fell several feet onto the concrete I would not be happy.  I told him not to do that and by the time I finished saying it he had the picker upper and was standing in front of me. That's very irritating. 

He used the picker-upper to pick up the trap and put it outside in the trash.  I wondered if we should keep the trap, ew, so I woke my husband up.  He doesn't have to go to work tomorrow so he wasn't mad.  Not that he ever gets mad when I wake him up anyways.  I wake him up a lot.  I ask him if he's awake till he's awake, then he says why did I ask him if he's awake if he didn't answer.  Then to make sure he was listening to me I shined my iPod in his face, only for half a second.  He was awake.  He asked me why I shined my iPod in his face.  To see if he was hearing me, I said!  Anywho...

He thinks there's only one mouse.  If true, then the second trap won't catch anything.  He said the traps are only ten cents apiece so just throw it away.

If I think of the disease on the mouse and think of it relieving itself in my cupboard it makes me a little sick.

Onwards and upwards.  I have to hit the hay now.  I was going to go to bed at nine, then I was going to bed at ten, and now it's 10:30pm.

I unfriended my church on my stupid FB page.  Tonight I think I will not attend there anymore.  I must find a new church home.  God will guide me if I ask him to.

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