Monday, May 20, 2013

Found some mouse poops in the cupboards.  We put traps there with cheese but those little meese must be smart.  They took the cheese and didn't set off the traps.  So tonight we put peanut butter on them.  We put out poison but I guess they didn't take it or it just didn't work. 

First we heard strange sounds in the wall by the washing machine.  I said, what is that?  My husband couldn't hear it so I got up from the table and found the sound and stood by it.  "That sound"!  Do you hear it?  Then he heard it.  Two days later teeny little poops under the bathroom cupboard.  Two more days later two little poops in the spice cupboard.  Yuk.  I don't hate mice.  I like mice, but not in the house. They're under the house I think and squeeze in through the tiniest little spaces.

I loved learning about God's angel army.  Tonight I'm going to listen to "Are Just a Few Being Saved"?

When I got home from work I thought Kathy was gonna come learn how to make pie pastry, but she made other plans.  So I put everything away and sat down and I was suddenly so tired.  I went to sleep.

My Word With Friends partners are all slow today.  I only had about four plays today.  I need to find a new partner or invite an old one or two to a game. 


Anonymous said...

awww noooo!!!! Should have got a humane trap:(

Liliana said...

Yeah, we used to when our son was little. Now, we just execute them. It's quick. Sorry. Luckily, it was just one.