Monday, June 11, 2012

Test flyer

There are three things I need to do.  Need a new photo for my profile.  Did it.

Two, I need to make a sign for the door where I teach Zumba.  I talked with a lady in Walmart and she said I ought to have a sign outside so they can see what time my classes are.  I hope the center doesn't complain about me putting one out.  Nobody else has a sign on the door.

Three, I need a business card.  A custom one.  A bright colored, cool one. An awesome one.  I want a high gloss one.  Maybe a slim one.  Should I do both sides too? 

And I need to make a regular flyer, so that makes four things I guess.  I might be getting a call tomorrow about the possibility of starting a new class in a nearby town.  I hope, hope, hope it works out. I need a flyer and even if I don't get to start that new class I need to make a new one because summer classes frequently drop in numbers - and mine has.  I've got pretty much just my core people coming.  I need a few more.  Juuuust a couple more to get me into that regular double digit number 10.  Please, please, please, please!

Here is the sign for the door I made.

And I had to create a new, improved Zumba profile image on account of we are getting a coconut load of new Zumba instructors in town.  I got an action shot!  Mayela took some test pics of me this week-end.  I pray I can maintain my class numbers, then increase, keep a fresh playlist with songs people like, and incorporate awesome moves that make people feel good.

Lately, there's really been a party atmosphere in my class.  I must have the most GREATEST people in my class of any Zumba class I've ever been to.  For reals.  I do.  Maybe Zumba is ruining my grammar too. Hahahahah!  Anyhoo, these photos were taken in town.  Got a few whistles while we were workin!


Jules said...

Only a few whistles? Must have been an inhabited part of town.

Anonymous said...

I love these! Great pictures Lil :)!

Liliana said...

Aw, just a couple whistles. :)

Thank ya!

Jules said...

Oops, I meant uninhabited. Changes the meaning completely.

Liliana said...

I knew that already. I deleted the captcha too. :)

Jen said...

Okay that anonymous was me...Jen! For some reason Blogger keeps doing that!

Liliana said...

Hi Jen. I thought Fox wrote that. If you hadn't told me I'd have still thought it was her! I have to put captcha back on too. I turned it off and got a giant spam email right away. Bummer.