Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Looking forward to hearing the election results in Wisconsin tonight.  This year is the first year I've ever voted in a primary so am looking forward to hearing the result in our town too.  I voted for a county commissioner.

I want to start a Zumba class in a little town that's a half hour drive from here.  I applied yesterday at the elementary school to use space there and hope they'll exempt me from their policy that no income can be made on school property.  I charge a very low $5 per class and will need it at least to buy fuel to go back and forth.  They have a lot of women who are very active in sports and I think I can get a great class going there.  The floor in the cafeteria of the school is sort of a rubber mat kind of flooring - quite good for a Zumba class. 

My current class is small but bigger than at this time last year.  I'm mightily encouraged because there are about five active Zumba instructors in town now whereas last year there were only two - the gym and me.  Even more people have recently been licensed to teach Zumba here.  Quite exciting!

Today I feel overall crummy and would like to sit here all day long and do nothing.

I'm going to an art opening next Saturday.  Going to a City Council meeting on the 13th.  Gonna watch a girl being taught barrel racing tomorrow at 1pm at the rodeo arena.

And Coda finally had her baby.  Two days old.  She's a bundle of energy.  Runs around all the time.  Really friendly too.  The baby will come right up to you and let you scratch or pet her.

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