Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ohmygosh.  The Affordable, (I don't think it's affordable) Health Care Act has been deemed constitutional as a tax.  A tax!  Just what we do not need is more taxes.  It was struck down under the commerce clause, in other words, the federal government can't make us purchase something, but as a tax it is permitted.

President Obama and the democrats continually and consistently insisted it wasn't a tax, but then the administration's lawyers argued to the Supreme Court that it is a tax, not a penalty.  I guess the democrats were being misleading by not calling it a tax.  It's a tax.

Chief Justice Roberts said it's not the Supreme Court's job to protect people from the consequences of their political choices.  True, true.  It reminds me of the section in the bible in the book of Kings where the people ask for a king because they want to be like surrounding countries who all have kings.  God says, well, ifn's they want a king give them a king.  They got what they asked for and it did not turn out well.

Michelle Bachman called the court an activist court.  We have a lot of that going on especially in California but I really don't think the Supreme Court is an activist court.  All of this will go back into the political arena and the the parties will duke it out.

Be careful what you ask for, you might get it.

I want to see it repealed by Congress and redone with bipartisanship.

My brand new Zumba class last night was a smashing success.  Twenty-two people came!  That's 22 people who thought the class was good enough to pay for and to pay for in advance.  Oh I was sooo happy!  Thank you Jesus!  I was a little bit of a dork during one song.  My timing was early for 'Party Anthem' and in one section I just went arms and legs akimbo in every direction at once.  Haha!  Don't know what happened there.  And two ladies asked for Zumba twice a week already.  I said I'll take a vote next week and see if enough people want two nights a week.  If so, I can drop Monday here which runs about six to 11 people lately and open a class there.  Mayela complained she didn't want Mondays here to stop.  Well,  I think five days a week might be pushing my body.  I want to be sure not to pressure my bod too much so I'd have to make a....yikes...a decision.

And the thing I don't like about running a session of Zumba is now I have all this money but I have to work the next six weeks to earn it.  I don't feel like it's mine till the work is done.  That's why I like pay as you go better.  Get a little money every night and you worked for it already.

My new Zumba shoes killed my right foot and to throw a bit of salt on the wound Zumba had a flash sale yesterday, yes, yesterday, and they were thirty dollars cheaper than what I paid.    [Silent scream.]

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