Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I got a new nightgown.  It's light yellow, long, diaphanous, tricot, feels wonderful on my skin.  I swished by my husband feeling very "Gone With The Wind" and he asked me if I was gonna haunt houses.


Told him he hurt my feelings saying that and he said, Well you have such a nice shape.  Why don't you buy something that shows your shape.  Men.  I guess I will go on another nightgown shopping hunt.  I want something long.  Pretty.  That feels nice.  And that my husband will like.  I had a nice one once but I spilled, or spilt as Jules in New Zealand would say, nail polish on it.  Tricot doesn't get along well with nail polish. It bunched up and wilted in a large circular area at the hemline and felt all scratchy there even after I washed it. 

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