Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Well, I guess I'm still in the running.  I did well enough at the interview that they've asked me back for testing.  I hope there's nothing about ratios on the test.  I can do the basics.  I took a practice online clerical test tonight to sharpen up.  It'll be 30 to 40 minutes she said.  Didn't give me much notice to brush up.  Human Resources called this morning at 10am and the test is tomorrow at 3:30pm.  I will do my best!  Say a prayer for me.  Did I say I want this job?  I do. 

I had seven peeps in Zumba and man, it's cold outside.  It was in the 20s.  Last night they closed the 10 and the 25 and truckers were parked all over the place.  They opened the civic center for people to sleep there.  We had a power outage for several hours from about 7am to 10am.

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