Sunday, December 11, 2011

Church was sublime this morning.  I learned about typology.  I learned about Eljah and Elisha.  Elijah was a prophet.  Well, yeah, he has his own book in the Old Testament, so I kind of knew that. Elisha was his servant, as in, student.  Elijah was Elisha's mentor.  I was never sure if the two names were the same person or two different people.  It's two different people.

Our Zumba presentation at the Veterans' Home went swimmingly.  They liked us!  They smiled and the employees smiled.  We all wore the deer antler headbands I bought.  And we got sweaty.  I might need to pick some slower routines next time.  I wore a snowman headband to the market and it was the darnedest thing.  Everyone was smiling at me everywhere I went.  It put me in such a happy mood.  I guess the snowmen bouncing on my head caused people to smile.  And when they looked at me smiling, I smiled back.  And felt good!  I spread a bunch of Christmas cheer around the store and it didn't hurt at all!

Speaking of hurt.  My hand and one eye swelled yesterday.  I was severely bummed.  But I went to Zumba at the Vet's Home anyway because from far away I hoped no one would notice one eye was little.  But at church today three people hurt my hand.  They shake it too hard and the swelling in it is down, but not gone. One lady, bless her heart, she shook my hand then smacked the top of it a few times (she was being friendly) and yowser, that woke me up alright.  My husband is going to buy me a thingy of some kind that I can put on my hand and that way on Sunday people can't squeeze it and stuff.

Getting a cold sore on the inside of my nose and part of my nose is red.  Man, I am falling apart here.  Had a giant stomach ache after dinner last night.  Spaghetti sauce apparently didn't agree with me.  I took Maalox and it actually helped.  In an hour I felt fine.  Praise the Lord.  I feel pretty good at the moment.  I have some Zovirax for the cold sore and Abreva topical for it so it ought to pass quickly.

I would like to do a hot oil treatment on my hair, but I am also very sleepy.  My big job of the day is I need to thoroughly clean Bella's water trough.  I'll do it right nap.


SchnauzerMom said...

Hope you enjoyed your nap. Cleaning a water trough does not sound like fun.

Shelby said...

Take care of yourself missy!