Saturday, December 24, 2011

My back is killing me today.  I don't know exactly how I did it, but my lower back is aching like last year when I rode that mule for 45 minutes.  I'm just chilling with it today as if you can chill with pain.

Husband and son are gone to Cruces to get gifts.  I told my husband not to go get me a gift today because I want him to sit with me and watch football (this means I'm on my computer and he watches football) but he flat refused.  They went earlier this morning and came back after they did a 360 on the interstate.  It's snowy and icy here.  They got to Cruces okay on their second trip in the afternoon because the road is thawed out now.

I just don't know how I did this to my back.

Talked to my dear old Dad.  They're expecting company.  His voice was quiet.  I'll call my sis in a little while.  I hear she has a cold so they aren't going to Dad's today.

The new Zumba DVD has a routine with Celtic dance on it and I'm crazy about it.  Can't wait to learn it.  I have it half way learned already.  I think a sign of excellent choreography is when it's easy to learn.

Totally want to go see War Horse this coming week.  I want to take our son to see it too.  It's supposed to be excellent.  The horse is played partly by the same horse who played Sea Biscuit.  The story is based on a fictional novel written in 1982.  Set in WWI.  Directed by Steven Spielberg.  Supposed to be awesome.  Hundreds of extras and horses used for the acting.  I was surprised by how many horses were used to play Blackie in True Grit.  They are so super careful to treat the animals well nowadays.  I'm so glad.  In the small part where Blackie swims across the river five horses were used and one was a mechanical horse.  Amazing!  I'm always trying to figure out which shot is the mechanical one.  I think it's the shot were you see a close-up of Blackie's breathing and laboring through the water as he swims.  I think that three-second shot is the mechanical one.

Got infected by a computer virus this week.  Husband was able to get rid of it for me.  It's the second time in two weeks.  It was coming down via an automatic update from Adobe Reader.  It was a fake update.  I went to Adobe Reader in my Programs list and selected Edit, Preferences, Updater, and chose "Do not automatically update."  I had to check it a couple times too because once it unchecked itself.  Evil people have nothing better to do than design malevolent viruses to attack innocent people.  Some people need a life. 


SchnauzerMom said...

I hope your back feels better soon. I know how that is. A couple weeks ago my back was messed up. Putting an ice pack on it really helped. A heating pad made it worse. I love Celtic music, hope the Zumba routine works out.

Liliana said...

I don't have an ice pack. Do you buy one at the store or just put ice in a big Ziploc? And it's so cold here. An ice pack might make me cold all over. On the other hand, if it continues to hurt this much I'll have to try something tomorrow. If I just lay here on the recliner it doesn't hurt much.

SchnauzerMom said...

I just put some ice cubes in a bag and wrapped it in a towel. Works really well.

Liliana said...

Okey dokey.