Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I love Tebow.

Zumba was fun tonight.  Eleven people.  We did a new routine that's humorous - a funny song called "Chocolate (Choco Choco)."  Next week I'm adding a bachata!  I'm excited about it.  It'll be a brand new style for our class.  I hadn't even heard of bachata before Zumba.  I sold one pair of sticks too.  I couldn't decide whether I should buy more to sell because I don't make all that much money by selling them, so I asked Mayela.  Ha!  I can't make decisions.  She said get some.  So I did.  Then I told her I have 12 more to sell and she asked why so many.  Because to get the best price I have to buy 12 at a time.  But she thought I'd get a few pair.  Oh well.  Now I have TWELVE more to sell. Praise the Lord.  I'm into saying "Praise the Lord."  It's my new saying.

I hope I get a call for that job on the 15th.  I hadn't thought of it till my sister reminded me of it on the phone tonight.  Actually, she didn't remind me but I told her about it and so I reminded myself.  Darn.  It was better when it wasn't on my mind.

I'm thinking of taking Zyrtec every couple days whether I need it or not because I do need it every two or three days.  This way, theoretically, or is it hypothetically, I don't have to freak out every night wondering what's going to be swelled up tomorrow.  I'm paranoid about getting a job then what do I do if my eye or lips swell up.  I'll have to call in sick.  I hate calling in sick.  I don't want to make a reputation for being sickly and missing work.  That's not me at all.  Who wants to be the new girl and call in sick the first month?  Serenity Now.

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SchnauzerMom said...

Hope you get the job. You definitely don't want to call in sick the first month. Hopefully the allergy pills will help.