Sunday, December 25, 2011

My husband got me Rosetta Stone to learn Spanish!  I'm installing it now.  Merry Christmas!  One week of 2011 left.  We got our son a butler bag which is an all season sleeping bag good to minus -20 degrees.  He needs it for trail riding in the wilderness with Anthony.  We got him the book Killing Lincoln and a red patriot pen from the O'Reilly site.

I desire to go to Costa Rica with Mayela next year.  She's invited me.  I only worry some about my body.  The Zyrtec works very well but this morning it started at 6:00am and part of my hand is swollen a little.  I took a Zyrtec at 6:40am.  I should have done it as soon as I felt the slightest itch.

Whenever I leave my husband I go into entropy - inevitable degeneration.  I gotta find my man pants, but once I pull them up can I keep them on for a few days in Costa Rica far, far from home?

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