Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Number of washes down

Wow, my number of hair washes has gone down significantly. No reason really except I just haven't washed it as often. I've washed it only a couple times per week for a couple weeks in a row. I have no explanation. The big April measure-in is coming up. I hope I will have some growth to report.

I'm all atwitter today because I received my belly dance tribal tassel bra and belt with matching vest - my piece de resistance. I expected the vest closed with velcro but instead it has a gorgeous oriental style button. The coins and the jewelry on it are gorgeous. I jingle! The bestest thing about my costume is that the bra has a jewelry piece about 2"x5" that hangs right in the middle down my tummy and when I add the vest over it it comes down a little lower on my midriff and, oh my gosh, I believe my tummy looks nice enough to show. I purchased a mesh net body suit thinking I wouldn't show my stomach, but with the jewelry hanging down, the vest over it, and low lighting in the restaurant, I believe I can get away with it. On the flip side, I can't wear the bra by itself unless I want to look just like a hooker. But! I bought a black, velvet, 3/4 sleeve midriff top and it goes just perfect underneath. Tada, cleavage trouble solved. I am so happy. It looks like it's all working out. Actually, I was mortified when I first tried on the bra. It looked too small. The thing is, I totally went to the mall and tried on the exact bra she uses to construct the costume bras and this is the size that fit. What I did, this is so bad I know, but I didn't want to return or exchange it because I do love the set, but I cut the inside lining and pulled out as much of the push-up padding as I could. It helped but like I said I still have to wear something underneath to cover up some. I'm such a K-Mart girl. I order a $370.00 dollar costume and cut it up.

I didn't go to Bible study tonight or last week. I've been tired out. That's a thin excuse I know. We are emptying out the house still - liquidating our life - and it's a bit of work. Today my husband took down the light fixture in the kitchen, cleaned the ceiling, repainted it, and put the fixture back up. It looks much brighter and better. I had a man come today and give me an estimate about putting in closet doors in our two extra bedrooms. We took them down years ago and put in shelving, but tenants will need closet doors and a rod to hang clothing. Our living room is looking very bare. We're going to have one more garage sale.

Hugs to my girlfriends!

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