Tuesday, March 22, 2005

My big red ear

Last Sunday I hugged my sister good-bye and her hair was real prickly. It looked soft but it had tons of some kind of frizz-ease goo on it. I was going to say ouch but decided it might hurt her feelings so I just kept my face there for a second while we hugged good-bye. I got home and showered just for insurance. Well, it didn't do any good. Monday morning I had a big red welt on my cheek. Tuesday morning the welt was gone but my ear was red. Wednesday morning my ear was itching really bad. It was bright red and swollen too. It's a really attractive look for sure.

Saturday I could stand it no longer. Went to urgent care because my Kaiser doctor couldn't see me. I was prescribed Keflex (an antibiotic), Prednisone for the affliction, and Hydroxycene for itch. I am so happy. Today I'm almost all cleared up. The ear still itches too much. The medications make me sleepy and I feel angry a lot. I want to strangle my son. I'm wishing he was in public school the last couple days because I feel so terrible. I'm grateful for the amazing meds, but I don't like feeling so mean and hateful.

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