Friday, March 04, 2005

Bidding on a Kuchi cuff / Having tribal set made

I'm bidding on a Kuchi Afghan cuff to go with my costume that I'm putting together for the upcoming April 9th performance. I have my skirt. It's beautiful and I feel beautiful in it. This cuff has a piece coming off but it's petite and it's hard to find petite sizes

I've placed an order with Domba! for a custom made tribal style bra and belt set with matching vest. I'm excited. I ordered the purple and red. It won't look exactly like the one on the page because each one is different, but it'll have the same trim, red tassels, and a darker purple tassel than what's in the pic.

Best of All

Is the Lord speaking to me or what? My first performance is for an animal adoption benefit. A good cause.

I believe I have fallen into the class of one of the best instructors in the United States. I've met another teacher and taken one other class and there is no comparison. The more I come to know Aziza, the more respect I have for her - which is no small thing in these times. Should I say "Thank the luck!" Nah. No one says thank the luck. It's "Thank the Lord." I am thankful that the joy of the dance has reentered my life. It's been so long. I have a teacher who helps me with my mind and my heart and the dance. Man, I should be paying her a lot more, but I can't afford that much!

I wore my hair down to class last night. I'll be performing with it down probably, so I figured I ought to get used to moving with it down.

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