Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Show at The Babylon

Dinner was so-so. My husband's lamb was full of gristle. Bummer. But we were really there for the show.

It was supposed to start at 8:00pm but didn't begin till 9:10pm. I think they expected people to sit at the tables and order drinks but boy did we fool them. We ate dinner, dessert, and afterward didn't order any drinks. My husband had wine with dinner but he later said the wine wasn't very good wine. We weren't there for the wine though.

The show was great! It started with three guys playing drums and one guy playing what looked like a guitar but it wasn't a guitar. It sounded different than a guitar too. Our son's attention was riveted on the players. Finally the first group of dancers came out called Devadasi. The girl with long black hair flubbed up the choreography but she laughed so much that the audience was entertained by her, and all of them. A woman came out and danced an Indian folkloric dance and was splendid. Next was the troupe I'm practicing with, Fringe Elements. They were so fun to watch. Afterward my husband commented on how fluid one of the dancers was and how all the women were so feminine and so beautiful to watch. He was struck by how many of the women were built so womanly. Most of them are not what you'd call hardbodies, but as my teacher explains, we are women not eight year old boys. Things are supposed to jiggle. And they do!

I wore my hair in a French braid, tucked underneath. It's grown so much I had to double fold it and then tuck it under. I don't like the braid to hang down at all so I tuck everything under. I wore my sparkly ruby mini clips. Okay, they're not real rubies.

I've been back on my treadmill and practicing for an hour a day. I feel ever so much better. My thighs are sore, but it hurts good.

Forgot to mention that at the belly dance show they announced the first dance was in celebration of one of the dancer's last chemotherapy treatment. It tugged at your heart strings all right. She danced beautifully, had a beautiful body and a joyful demeanor. You could tell she was wearing a wig due to the effects of the chemo treatments.

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