Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I'm burned out, Baby

I've been shopping online all night for belly dance costuming. I need a cabaret costume and I need a tribal costume.

Sunday night I went to the Indio Date Festival and helped the girly girls get dressed for their dances. It was sixty minutes of dance, both tribal and cabaret. The costumes are to die for. Just gorgeous and mucho dinero to purchase. It didn't begin well because the troupe got the boot from the fair management and was told to move to another stage. This took about half an hour. They had props and bags and swords and a snake and people to move all the way across the fairgrounds. The show was good. Really, really good. The audience stayed and watched the whole hour! I expected to see people wander in and out and about like you do at the fair but the people in the chairs stayed in their chairs.

My friend Maya, who started with the troupe about three weeks before I, performed for the first time. She was so anxious yet she performed beautifully. Flawlessly I would add. There was a huge audience and she danced, gosh, in about four pieces. Amazing ability. At show's end the director and I were chatting about how the dance went when she looked at me with a sparkle in her eye and said...I was next! Yipes. I have nothing but a couple fringe belts. I have to buy everything I will need. Quick!

I wore my hair in a braid to the side today. I measured it despite this being mid-month and it seems to have not grown at all so far this month. Aaaaugh!

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