Saturday, June 27, 2015

My transcript still isn't in.  I called Cal Poly last Tuesday and they'll send it out again.  Guess I'll wait a few more days then, heck, request it and pay again.  What's wrong anyways?  I confirmed that I have the right mailing address.  If I have to order again I'm putting a name on it so it'll go to an actual person at the Office of Admissions.

There is lots of activity on Father Jonathan's Facebook page.  He has a good point that the US should now separate civil ceremonies and religious ceremonies.  I imagine plural marriage is on the horizon.  I wonder if we'll see churches give up their tax exempt status.  The fields are white for harvest.

Last Saturday I finished a very good book.  I give it five out of five stars.  It's called "Teaching to Change Lives" by Dr. Howard Hendrick.  I highlighted important passages so hopefully I can pick it up for refreshment when needed.  This week-end I'm reading "The Secret of the Universe" by Nathan Wood.  Ray Stedman said it was a life changing book for him.  That he found it in a dusty corner of the university library and it changed his understanding of the trinity.  I don't think I can finish it in two days though. It's heavier reading.

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