Sunday, June 21, 2015

Everything is in to SWBTS except my transcript.  Cal Poly cashed my check for my transcript request in April but no transcript arrived.  I called last week and they've mailed another one so I hope this one makes it through.

My daughter-in-law said if I get a phone that receives photos she'll send me pictures.  So now I super want a better phone.  But unfortunately I want an iPhone.  The one I want is $750.  Phooey.  But if I get an iPhone then I can use the free app that Zumba offers that makes your music sound like DJ club music.  With no breaks!  But I have to pay my Zumba yearly fee this month and Zumba rent.  Then I have to pay my Zumba insurance in August.  Phooey.

It's so hot.  It's been over 100 degrees.  Today is the official first day of summer.  Happy summer!  My favorite season.

I sang in church last Sunday.  That is, I sang solo and a capella.  It was extremely edifying.  The sound of my voice filling the whole church was, was, well how can I find the words.  We sang "Brethren We Have Met To Worship", an old hymn, words from 1819.  The four of us lined up on the stage, mics in hand, then Susan looked at me and said, "Anytime."  I looked down, not at the audience for fear that fear itself might overtake me.  I let the quiet be very full then I took a big breath, looked forward and let the lyrics fill space to break the quiet.

We each have snapshots of time embedded in our heart and mind, like a handprint in cement.  For a few seconds I was keenly aware of my voice reverberating inside the church walls, all the people seated, listening to the words come out of my mouth.  I'll remember it a long time.  

By the end of singing the second line I sensed everything was going to be okay.  In practice we all had trouble starting a new stanza together, so finally  I told Susan we must look at each other and then we can start a new stanza at exactly the same time.  It worked.  We looked at each other and we all came in together and in unison.  There is an old shapenote hymnbook, hymnal, called "The Sacred Harp."  The "harp" is the human voice.  Did you know your voice can be an instrument?

So anyway, I got three more compliments for last week at church today.  I think I want to do it again.  I'm surprised, so surprised, that anyone might like my voice.  It's very good to be 55, 56 next month, and still having a brand new life experience.

There will be an election here on September 22 because we collected enough signatures for a referendum.  Today I fear we will lose the election though.  The seniors here are not motivated it appears, are not aware of the senior center takeover by the City, nor do many seem to care.  It's most unusual.  Usually seniors are highly motivated voters.  And the newspapers do not help.  Bias exists and is showing in the publications, and we're having trouble getting our side out to the public.  Well, I have to cheer up and be more positive and do what I can do.  I don't really want to speak at the commission meeting Tuesday.  The politics behind the issue seems to cause the worst in people to come out.

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