Monday, June 08, 2015

Dreaming of the future.  Dreaming of being a seminary student.  Wondering why Cal Poly hasn't sent my transcript to Southwestern yet.  They cashed my check in April.

On Saturday I went and practiced singing with the choir director and pastor's wife who plays the organ.  I loved it.  However, the choir director gave me a microphone for the last song.  Suffice to say, he didn't ask me to sing with him after that.  Hahahaha!  I was perspiring under my arms a lot!  I was a little embarrassed to hear my voice very off key a couple times, but what can ya do?  I just kept on singin'. After all, Scripture says to make a joyful noise. It doesn't say a thing about singing in perfect pitch.

I was going to wear my new dress to church Sunday.  With my new wedge sandals.  But alas, I was not prepared for the investment of time that dress wearing requires.  So I got in my usual jeans and cowgirl boots and went.  I was late.

But I was in time for choir practice.  We had no teenagers for our class so we went to an adult Sunday School class.  It happened that they were starting a new book and the subject was "Accept Your Leadership Role."  We talked about how everyone is afraid to lead and we read Joshua 1:1-9.  I liked it so well I am memorizing 1:7-9.  ...Be strong and courageous.  And we talked about how before you do anything, pray.  But of course we know that.  But, do we listen too?  Often we talk so much we forget to listen.  Much like giving a man directions.  He's talking so much about how he can find his way that he doesn't even listen when you're giving him the directions.  Well, it was all women in the group so it made sense to us!

Every obstacle is an opportunity.

And so I sang in the choir for church for the first time.  It was wonderful.  The Sunday School lesson gave me the extra, oomph, for encouragement I needed.  If God is guiding you to do something, why wait.

After Zumba tomorrow I'm going to the City Commission meeting.  I'm on the email loop with the ad hoc committee and they are exceedingly well prepared for tomorrow.  I do hope it goes well.  I think they ought to select another building to house a visitor center for the Spaceport, but the City has hurriedly chosen to "repurpose" the senior rec center.  We have collected enough valid signatures for a referendum.  It seems the City is going to say the petition is fraudulent perhaps.  We'll see tomorrow.  They may try to say that people didn't know what they were signing but they did know what they were signing.  The man who collected the most signatures is quite vociferous and it would be a stretch to say people don't understand what he's saying.  The owner of one of the two newspapers in this community is also on the county commission and she did a one page political ad in her own paper and printed the names of all 265 petition signers.  It's quite unusual.  I've never seen the like in all my life.  This is an interesting little town. And they are encouraging residents to write a letter requesting to have their name redacted from the petition, but I don't think it's possible once it's been filed.  Anywho, come what may, I would like to see the rec center not to be changed to a tourist bus center/visitor center.  I think having been built by the WPA 70 years ago it ought to  continue to be used by the community for recreation.  The City moved all activities to the Civic Center, but it's kept locked.  A City employee has to come and open and close it for anyone who needs entry.  It's the oddest recreation center set-up you've ever seen.

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