Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I lied.  On Sunday, I didn't really like the church that much.  I didn't dislike it, but I miss my church.  My church.  My church family.  Usually there's about 175 people at my church on an average Sunday.  Last week there were 80 I heard.  My church family is blown to bits.  Little pieces scattered all over.  And what's worse, most of them I never told them that I loved them.

I downloaded four Christian podcasts about dealing with grief.  Hope it helps.

Sometimes I'm mad.  Mostly I just feel like crying.  A big moaning cry that shakes my whole body.  Then it goes away. 

Pastor's been dilly dallying with a church member says Pastor's wife.  I don't know if she has absolute proof, but that's what she said.  She knows scripture, I know that for sure.  My friend says the divorce will be particularly ugly because they've both chosen lawyers in town.  Two lawyers in town who absolutely hate each other.  That's a fine scenario. 

Zumba was good.  Tuesday I had 11 peeps.  This month's Zumba DVD is a gold mine of cute choreography.  I've found five routines I like.  That's a record.  One of the songs is "Take On Me" by Aha from the '80s.  Really cute dance routine.  Love it. 

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