Monday, March 25, 2013

I got a new Ficcare today.  They are sure slow mailing their product out.  But the package was classed up.  They now have a dark chocolate brown box with the word "Ficcare" in script on top.  Inside, the clip is in a pretty little chocolate brown bag.  I really want the plain shiny silver Maximas clip.  It's online and in their printed info sheet, but you can't select it to buy it.  I emailed and asked if they'll have it soon and they said yes, and suggested I look at their other clips.  Now why would I write about one clip and ask them when it'll be available again unless that's the clip I want.  I don't want any other.  I don't want the Ficcarissimo matte silver.  I settled for another, a striped one, but it's wasn't my first choice.  The shiny silver is still not in stock.

Church was outstanding.  The visiting preacher is a young black man attending Oral Roberts University and he preached on David from the book of 1Samuel 30:1-9 and 30:16 -19.  The theme was "I'm recovering everything the enemy has stolen from me."  David encouraged himself in the Lord and we should do the same.  And God said..."Pursue!"  Very wonderful sermon.  It's wonderful to see young people on fire for God.  He must study the Word extensively every day.  It flowed out of him and filled my ears and my soul and my spirit.  Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but God delivers them.  And now is not the time to backslide.  Now is not the time to go to the things of the world.  God has not left us ill-equipped.  That's part of what I learned Sunday.  I went up for alter call and said my church family is in distress and I want prayer for that.

They left the gate open when they went to the mountains Sunday.  I was late to church because I was running up and down the neighborhood trying to catch Bella and Marmalade.  Thank heaven for Laurie Chavez.  I called her.  She helped me.  She's a good, good person.  Nine o'clock a.m. I'm running around in circles in the house because our horse and mule are loose up the street.  I thought to call animal control but couldn't find the phone book.  I went to the shed to get two harnesses, but I didn't know the combination.  So I thought who can I call.  Husband was at gun training class.  Son in the mountains.  I called Laurie.  She drove over here and must have come right away because she was here in ten minutes.  I owe her.  She got Marmalade and the she got Bella and we walked them home together.  She even walked with Marmalade and drove her vehicle - holding Marmalade's rope out the window at the same time!

Now I have shin splints and sore quads today.  Zumba tomorrow.  Not sure I can teach at my usual pace.  My shins do hurt so much.

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