Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The fundraiser is on Saturday.  Things seem to be going well.  I'm not too nervous.  That's good.

We've collected about $230 so far.  I hope people will come on Saturday.

I bought some rubber Zumba bracelets to toss out to the audience.  Three women ordered Zumba tops and they'll be happy to know they were delivered today so they can wear them Saturday.

Need to go by the newspaper and see if they'll run an ad for us.  I might need to off this recliner to get that done.

Celia has done the decorations and I'm excited to see what she came up with.  She's exceptionally good at decorating.  I know it's going to look really pretty whatever she does!  I'm so lucky to have met her.  She's quiet.  I like her very much.  She has pretty hair too.  She wears it about shoulder length and it's salt and pepper.  Her hair is strong and healthy.  I'm sure a reflection of her physical and probably emotional well-being.  She seems well anchored.

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SchnauzerMom said...

I hope the fundraiser is very successful!!!