Friday, March 30, 2012

Hair yesterday

I took down the ugly pic and replaced it with this one which I like to think is a more accurate rep of the hair.
So tomorrow is the day we have Ryan and his crew teaching a Zumba class for me.  I hope we get 20 people.  I paid for a massage and hot mineral bath soaks for them so sure hope I make back that money.  We won't be able to meet JR because JR is still in the hospital.  His next round of chemo begins April 4.  I do hope he can come home to refresh his soul before then.

Got the video announcements done for churchity church.  They are pleased with them so it makes me very happy to do it.  It's very rewarding.  I love putting them together.

We're doing a new thing at church.  The youth pastor has taken over praise and worship.  I have to say I miss our regular pastor and his songs, but I am loving the new sound and the new feel too.  I believe the group has great potential.  Right now it's all in transition.  Transitions can be bumpy.  Some people fall away and other new people are pulled in.  Some people will always be unhappy with change. Such is life.  I think it's a mistake to get too comfortable because too much comfort contributes to stagnation.  I try to remain dynamic.  Sometimes I even succeed at it.  Haha!  But it's a rush standing in the music.  Being in the sound.  And calling on the Holy Spirit.  There's nothing like it.  It's even better than head banging.  Gotta keep it fresh because there are so many souls out there that are lost.  We must reach them.  Music reaches out.  Like Kathy says, we need to reel them in!

I had a couple weeks after the fundraiser of feeling no energy for learning my new routines.  But then all of a sudden it came back.  Now I have about five songs and routines I am loving and practicing.  It was a little blip on the radar I suppose.

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