Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ends are still straight and in pretty good shape as far as I can tell.  I did a hot oil treatment today. Some teens asked me why do I have long hair.

In October had it trimmed back to 47" on the full moon so it's grown two inches in five months.  Not bad for a 52 year old.

For church tomorrow we have to wear black and white.  I'm going to wear a black sweater cowl neck and blue jeans.  The top I'm not too fond of.  Blue jeans are neither black nor white but I don't have black or white pants that I like.  I don't want to wear clothes I hate and be in front of everyone.  The youth pastor has taken over praise and worship.  I am excited but a little anxious.  There are two songs he has us do that have a lot of jumping or stepping and the youth usually do them.  Since the church has only seen the youth do the songs they identify those songs with the youth.  I'm not too thrilled about us olders looking kind of stupid doing youth oriented songs.  We have to do something for the lady who is older than I am.  She's been in praise and worship a long while but she can't do those two songs so she has not been singing these past two weeks.

Our fundraiser went well.  It was energizing.  As soon as the music started I knew it was a success.  We had 75 people come even though the weather outside was in the 30s.  We raised over $2100.00 for the family.  I was well pleased.

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