Monday, February 27, 2012

We are having revival for three days at church.  Last night was as full as the morning meeting.  I've never seen an evening service so full before.  The music was great.  The preaching was great.  Pastor Ayers was funny and thought provoking.  This is my first revival. 

The fundraiser is going well.  I'm praying people will come.  A local deejay offered his sound system which will be even better than my one speaker so I'm overjoyed about that.  Got two good women working the door.  Decided to give the water out for free.  Need to get playlists from other instructors.  Need a couple coolers with water for the ice.  Need to compose and send out email.

I had to abandon the two routines I've been trying to learn.  Sometimes I find Beto's stuff too hard to follow.  I picked two YouTube videos by Zumba instructors instead.  They're much easier and in three days I have them almost learned compared to three weeks of practicing Beto's and still not getting his timing down. 

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SchnauzerMom said...

It's been years since we have had a revival. We used to have them every 6 months. I hope the fund raiser goes really well.